daybreaker3/10 – Daybreaker (Undertow Book 5)
by K.R. Conway

The epic conclusion to the Undertow series, 18-year-old Eila Walker is no longer the last surviving Lunaterra, and her Trial, Rillin, finally has the young woman he lost so long ago, back in his arms: Elizabeth.

But Elizabeth, despite being a brilliant fighter, is not exactly a thrill-a-minute. Her abrasive personality often rubs everyone the wrong way. But despite their mutual loathing, Eila must find common ground with Elizabeth, for Elizabeth is the only one who knows how to kill Therophel once and for all.

But the task of murdering the fallen angel won’t be easy – he’s overthrown the Wrecker empire of Mayhem and taken it for himself. Now fortified within the towering tree walls, and protected by hundreds of Linked Mortis, Therophel clearly has the upper hand.

But the fallen angel, while powerful, may’ve underestimated the resolve of a crew of supernatural teenagers from Cape Cod . . .

 Genre: YA/Paranormal

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virago novus3/22 – The Chronicles of the Virago: The Novus Book 1
by Michael Bialys

Makenna Grace Gold is just your average twelve-year-old girl. That is, until she is told that she must protect her newborn brother and sister to safeguard the future of the world.

Armed with a mysterious weapon, three Fairy mentors, and a wisecracking earthworm named Fluffy, Makenna must battle the forces of evil and became a defender for hope. Can Makenna truly be ‘The Virago’?


Genre: MG/Fantasy

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arcadia3/26 – Arcadia (Secrets of Aurora Book 3)
by L.J. Higgins

Aurora knows the truth about who she is, but her father’s final secret could change everything. Seth is her twin brother – and it’s the one secret she’s not sure she wanted to uncover.

Just as she has barely processed the revelation, she’s awoken at gunpoint by the very boy who has thrown her entire world off kilter. He’s unpredictable and dangerous, and her group of rebels can’t let him go now. Their priority is seeking the final piece of the pendant, hoping that the one who holds it can tell them what comes next.

Aurora doesn’t believe she can see her brother as anything other than cruel and malicious, but she soon learns there’s more to Seth than meets the eye.

When confronted with someone from his past, Aurora knows her fate rests in his hands. When allegiances are tested, can Aurora trust that blood is thicker than water?

 Genre: YA/Dystopian

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flame3/27 – Flame (Dragonmaster Trilogy Book 1)
by Katie Cross

Magic Is Forbidden

Dragon Servants Sanna and Isadora Spence live in the village of Anguis, deep in Letum Wood, where persnickety dragons are the least of their worries.

Thanks to years of simmering tension, the hidden village is destined to crack. Soon. Sanna’s deep love for the giant beasts causes her to make an irreversible mistake, while Isadora’s disinterest leads her to a fateful decision that will change the course of the entire world.

Can the sisters prevent everything they know from falling apart? Or do they allow it to break and the pave the way for new growth?

Join the beloved sisterwitches from the Network Series in a story about sisterhood, new magic, and dealing with change.

 Genre: YA/Fantasy

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blood shattered4/12 – Blood Shattered (The Iron Series Book 5)
by J.N. Colon

Betrayal. Secrets. And the ultimate sacrifice.

Kory finally discovers Kye’s true motives and, if his nightmare becomes a reality, the entire demon hunting world will be thrown into chaos. But what Lorne has planned will leave her shattered beyond repair.

As her life hangs in the balance, Kory and Rex are forced to rely on enemies and question the people closest to them. Lies unravel, and the truth behind her destiny threatens to destroy her very soul.

When the clock runs out, will Kory have the answers to save herself or will she have to choose between a life of darkness or existing at all?

Blood Shattered is the final installment in The Iron Series.

 Genre: YA/Paranormal

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collide4/13 – Collide: The Resistance Series Prequels (Volume 6)
by Tracy Lawson

It’s a good thing Tommy and Careen can’t see what their futures hold. Careen Catecher survived a terrorist’s bomb at the age of nine. Her father died in the blast, and her relationship with her irresponsible mother deteriorated during her teen years. A full scholarship to a prestigious university far from her beleaguered home quadrant seems like a dream come true.

Unfortunately for her, she’s perceived as a charity case, despite grades and test scores that prove she’s the academic equal of the best students there. Fitting in with her peers is necessary if she’s going to leave the past behind and claim the stable future she craves, but she’s only been at school for a few weeks when a cryptic message from an unlikely friend raises questions that may put her in danger all over again.

Tommy Bailey enjoyed a worry-free childhood, the attention of two doting parents, and the admiration that comes from being a star athlete in high school, but everything changed in the blink of an eye the summer after graduation, when his parents were killed in a car accident. Tommy suffered injuries that left him wondering if he’d be able to walk without a limp. His friends left for university without him. Alone for the first time, he wallowed in self-pity, and allowed survivor’s guilt to overwhelm him. Tommy doesn’t remember much about the night of the accident, and he has no way of knowing that the consequences of his father’s past deeds—as well as his most formidable enemy—are about to catch up with him.

Find out what caused the bitter feud between Tommy’s dad and his nemesis Lowell Stratford, and how it sets the course for Tommy’s future. Read these two novella-length prequels to the award-winning Resistance Series, “a promising new YA series about a totalitarian America.”

 Genre: YA/Dystopian

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unexpected ally4/17 – Unexpected Ally (Aluna Series Book 5)
by Bethany Wicker

A dark scheme. A bloodthirsty revenge. An impending war.

A year after the vampire attack and Eden feels everything is going to be okay. But the good can only last so long in the werewolf realm. There’s an evil scheme brewing and it involves the Sapphire and Emerald Pack as the primary target.

With Liam at her side as a werewolf, Eden is at her best. They can beat anything, or so they think. When life seems to be spiraling out of their control, help comes in the most unlikely place and it may be the only thing that can save their pack.

 Genre: YA/Paranormal

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lift4/21 – Lift (The Flying Ponies Book 1)
by L.M. Ransom

For sixteen-year-old Charlotte Flynn, moving into the heart of the Michigan woods with her family is the biggest adventure she’s ever had. A self-proclaimed geek girl with a penchant for Sherlock Holmes, she wonders if she’ll ever have an exciting quest of her own.

But when she discovers an antique carousel tucked into the woods near her new home, her life soon spins out of control. For the ponies are so much more than their faded paint portrays. Filled with primal magic, the ponies are alive, and they have been waiting for her for a long time.

With the help of a young carousel caretaker named Black, Charlotte soon discovers that the Flying Ponies are in danger from others who want to possess them and their magic. Drawn into a battle for the carousel and ultimately the entire world while navigating her first true romance, Charlotte may have more adventure than she ever bargained for . .

 Genre: YA/Fantasy

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protector4/23 – Protector (Dragon Tmer Book 3)
by J.A. Culican

She’s dying…to save dragons.

Julianna, a born dragon slayer, has found herself in the precarious position of being an unwitting dragon savior instead. Only her blood is able to unlock the dragons bound inside the goblin made slayers’ blades. But some of the swords are missing and the dragons, slayers, and even the wolves are on a mission to find them.

The only people who know where the swords might be are the goblins, but everyone knows never to trust them. They’re cunning and cruel. Somehow, Julianna and Ash must find a way to outwit the goblins into giving their locations.
Before she becomes too weak to fight the draw of the of the slayers’ blades.

 Genre: YA/Fantasy

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dark fates4/21 – Dark Fates (The Vampire Prophecy Book 1)
by J.N. Colon and G.K. DeRosa

Would you risk it all for love?

A high-ranking official’s daughter, Solaris is wild and reckless, a daredevil with no regard for authority.
For icy Kaige, the nocturne prince of Draconis, life is discipline and self-control.

A prophecy split their worlds in two—a decree issued outlawing all human and vampire contact.  Death is the consequence for crossing the dark divide between Imera and Draconis.

When their worlds collide, a dangerous and forbidden string of events unfold.  Bound together by blood and secrets, they make a startling discovery that could shatter the precarious balance of New Isos.

Haunted by the words of the prophecy, Solaris and Kaige attempt to unravel the mystery they’ve stumbled upon, but every moment spent together threatens the very existence of each race.

Can Solaris and Kaige discover the truth without triggering the century old prophecy and destroying both their worlds?

Fans of Bella Forrest’s A Shade of Vampire and Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen are calling it a must-read!

If you can’t get enough of forbidden love, adventurous heroines, hot brooding vampire princes and non-stop, page-turning action, you’ll be hooked on Dark Fates, the first book in the new vampire paranormal romance series. 

 Genre: YA/Paranormal

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legacy of light5/1 – Legacy of Light (Legends of the Tri-Gard Book 2)
by Michelle Lynn and Michelle Bryan




That is your curse. 

The seer’s words were coming true, but Trystan Renauld refused to fulfill the prophecy. It would not control him.

Death: The people of his kingdom were falling quickly.

Sacrifice: He’d lost the only brother he’d ever had.

Betrayal: The sharp sting of his friend’s sword would burn more than just his flesh.

But it wasn’t over. The Tri-Gard was within his grasp.

If he had any hope of restoring magic to the land, he’d need to claim what was rightfully his and journey straight into the dangers of Dreach-Dhoun.

Only when he faced the darkness would he bring light back to his kingdom.


 Genre: YA/Fantasy

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ever upward5/10 – Ever Upward (The Excelsior Journey Book 2)
by George Sirois

An ancient foe. A divided planet. And an impossible choice to make.

The evil Nocterar was defeated, and the planet saved. But if Excelsior thinks the worst is over, he has another thing coming–quite literally!

Things aren’t going well on Denab IV. And when it transpires that the link he kept with earth could destroy both planets, even some of Excelsior’s own people start doubting him.

With Hodera on the march leading a deadly new army and an ancient foe rising more powerful than ever, everything both Matthew and Excelsior love is on the brink of destruction.

Denab IV’s savior must make a choice. One that cuts him to the very core of his being.

But time is running out, and Excelsior must hurry if he is to get the chance to throw the dice one more time.

Genre: YA/Sci-Fi

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dark divide5/24 – Dark Divide (The Vampire Prophecy Book 2)
by J.N. Colon and G.K. DeRosa

Secrets have a way of coming out.

Divided by the dark wasteland between worlds, Kaige and Solaris deal with the consequences of their blood bond and the dangerous secrets they share.

Their attempt at normalcy is quickly interrupted when Solaris stumbles upon a gruesome discovery in Imera, one The Collective would kill to keep quiet.  Kaige risks everything to save her, realizing becoming king is the only option.

With Solaris in hiding, their forbidden feelings spiral out of control. As Kaige struggles to protect her, they learn the truth behind Draconis’s darkest secret.  As it turns out, the prophecy isn’t the only thing threatening all of New Isos.

Enemies span both sides of the divide, and they’re rapidly closing in on the star-crossed pair.

Can Kaige and Solaris find a way to stop the hidden horrors within their worlds before the truth gets them killed?

Fans of Bella Forrest’s A Shade of Vampire and Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen are calling it a must-read!

If you can’t get enough of forbidden love, adventurous heroines, hot brooding vampire princes and non-stop, page-turning action, you’ll be hooked on Dark Fates, the first book in the new vampire paranormal romance series. 

 Genre: YA/Paranormal

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starburner6/5 – Starburner (Moonburner Cycle 3)
by Claire Luana

A hidden legacy. A shared destiny. 

All Princess Rika wants is to be a moonburner like her mother, but her powers are nowhere to be found. When a fleet of dark ships appears on the horizon, Rika is convinced this is the perfect opportunity to force her magic to manifest. But the ships bring more than Rika bargained for—an invasion of soul-eating monsters intent on consuming all she holds dear.

Overwhelmed and outmatched, Rika finds an unlikely ally in Vikal—a dangerous man enslaved to the monsters that killed his family and ravaged his homeland. Thrown together in a desperate attempt to evade the soul-eaters, they begin to realize they have more in common than they ever thought possible. Alone, their lands and people are doomed to fall to the encroaching darkness. But together, they have a prayer of a chance to save their worlds. And to find something more in the process.

Genre: YA/Fantasy

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sword of fire6/21 – Sword of Fire (Through the Ashes Book 1)
by J.A. Culican

Defenseless. Alone. Betrayed.
Bells is a poor fae who works on a farm outside the protections of the dragon city. When her family is attacked by trolls, she goes to the one person she knows can help her. But will he?

Peace. Death. Enough.

The dragons brought peace to the city and the surrounding area when they rose. Jaekob believes there is no reason for further dragon involvement. They’ve’ lost enough lives to this cause. They’ve done their fair share and owe the world nothing more.
But when the dark elves infect his city with a virus unlike anything he’s ever seen, he knows they need a solution. Now.
The sword of peace. Myth? Reality?
They’re about to find out.

 Genre: YA/Fantasy

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