by Debbie Manber Kupfer

When Miri receives a silver cat charm from her omama on the night before she dies she has no idea that the charm holds a secret, a powerful magic that saved her omama’s life and is about to make Miri’s a whole lot more interesting.

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argentumArgentum (P.A.W.S. 2) 
by Debbie Manber Kupfer

Argentum is the thread that binds all magic – the silver wands, the silver scrying bowls, and the silver charms of the shapeshifters all contain the essence of Argentum.

The P.A.W.S. saga continues with Argentum.
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umbrae Umbrae (The P.A.W.S. Saga Book 3)
by Debbie Manber Kupfer

Step into the Shadows of Umbrae …

Miri’s world at P.A.W.S. in St. Louis is falling apart. First, Danny is accused of stealing her opapa’s charm. But before he can defend himself, he mysteriously disappears. Miri seeks Josh for help and advice, but he too has gone missing.

Then Lilith has a vision – Miri dragged away by wolves. Miri needs answers, answers that she feels sure are hidden in the blank pages of the book of Argentum.

With the help of Lilith, she travels to the ancient city of Safed. There, with the aid of a mystical rabbi and an outspoken werecat, her omama’s story is slowly revealed. And Miri uncovers something else, a world hidden deep beneath our own – the labyrinth of shadows also known as Umbrae.

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londiniumLondinium (The P.A.W.S. Saga Book 4)
by Debbie Manber Kupfer

“The pea soup has spoken,” said Caradog. “You are destined for Londinium.”

“Londinium?” asked Miri.

“It was the ancient city from which London sprang. The P.A.W.S. Institute of Londinium is the oldest in the world. It started before the city of today existed and straddles the old and the new. Unfortunately, today it is run by a fool.”

Join Miri as she continues her journey through Umbrae and Londinium with the help of werecats, wild warlocks, an old dog, a duck, and a whole lot of pea soup.

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Alistair (Tales from P.A.W.S. Book 1) 
by Debbie Manber Kupfer

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Ramora (Tales from P.A.W.S. Book 2) 
by Debbie Manber Kupfer

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Griddlebone (Tales from P.A.W.S. Book 3) 
by Debbie Manber Kupfer

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tales from paws

Tales from P.A.W.S. (Books 1-3 Compilation)
by Debbie Manber Kupfer

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Reality is in a Dream by Lauren MayhewReality is in a Dream (Liliana Book 1)
by Lauren Mayhew

Most dreams are a reflection of recent events in your waking life. Not for Liliana.

Hers begin to reveal a forgotten life – memories that fill her with joy and fear.

When a pair of eyes begins to watch her from the sky, she cannot shake away the feeling of dread that washes over her.

The only person that she can trust to help her is her best friend Justin. Together they begin to decipher Liliana’s dreams to uncover the truth, but it becomes clear that they are dealing with events far beyond their imagination.

The more the two of them uncover, the harder it becomes for Liliana to distinguish between two realities. She desperately needs to find answers before time runs out.

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mourning memoriesMourning Memories (Liliana Book 2)
by Lauren Mayhew


Having managed to free herself from Duana’s prison, Liliana Frye still needs to find her family. Samson, her brother, her fiancée Asher and best friend Justin have waited 174 years to see her again, but she still doesn’t know exactly where they are.

A letter from her father reveals secrets about Liliana that will undoubtedly change her world. She begins to realise why Duana so desperately wants to steal her powers and is determined to never let her complete her aim to become the most powerful Custos the world has ever seen.

New friends are made, old friends return and Liliana needs to decide who she can trust.

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eternity beginsEternity Begins (Liliana Book 3)
by Lauren Mayhew

Liliana Frye is a Custos – an immortal being with superhuman powers. It’s a life that many would love to have, and yet Liliana’s hasn’t been easy. Her powers are greatly desired by Duana, a Custos whose main aim is to steal as many powers as she can to become the greatest of all.

The Book of Custos contains the information that Duana needs to take the powers, but she doesn’t have it. Liliana’s family have the book. Duana has Liliana, along with hundreds of Custos in her crystal ball prisons. It’s only a matter of time before she figures out the ritual, and puts everyone’s lives in danger.

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markedMarked (The Marked Series Book 1)
by T.L. McDonald

‘There’s something terribly wrong with his eyes. My mind struggles to rationalize what I’m seeing and I tell myself that it’s just a trick of the light, or that maybe I’m hallucinating due to the crushing amount of fear I’m feeling, because when I look at them, all I see is darkness. Deep dark voids that threaten to swallow me whole.’

When 17 year old Hanna Harper agrees to see a local band at The Iron Knife Club with her two best friends, she has no idea her life is about to change forever and that everything she thought was impossible…isn’t.

Marked with a mystical symbol by a dying boy, she’s thrust into a world she never imagined existed where her eyes are opened to the reality that fallen angels are very real, and very dangerous. And with just one look from their soulless black eyes, they can take everything from you.

And now, because of the symbol and the secret it contains, a secret she must protect at all costs, those black eyes have set their sights on her.

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fatedFated (The Marked Series Book 2)
by T.L. McDonald

‘The ground at my feet crumbles, each piece falling away into nothing. I struggle searching for any kind of traction. There’s none. His hand tightens around my throat. Without warning he lets go and I fall into darkness with the sound of his laughter echoing all around me.’

Hanna Harper would give anything for her life to go back to being simple and ordinary, but the truth is, things are only getting more complicated–and absolutely terrifying.

Marked with a new symbol she’s brought back from the brink of death to protect her best friend–the boy she fell madly in love with, the Chosen One in an ancient prophecy who’s fated to either save or destroy the world when his powers awaken on his 18th birthday. But keeping him hidden and safe isn’t easy, even with the help of The Guardians. Especially when one of them is trying to steal her heart and her greatest enemy is trying to undermine her efforts every chance he gets. So when the truth is discovered and Hanna’s brother is taken hostage, a decision has to be made.

Does she risk the fate of the world to save her brother by handing her best friend over to The Fallen, or does she risk losing the only family she has left to keep him safe?

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redemptionRedemption (The Marked Book 3)
by T.L. McDonald

My chest fills and deflates rapidly—too rapidly—and a hazy darkness begins to creep around my vision. My hands begin to lift, but I don’t want to look. I really, really don’t want to look, because if I do, then there is no more denying. There is no more pretending what happened didn’t happen.

Hanna Harper did the only thing she could do—she stabbed Jared, the love of her life, through the heart to stop the apocalypse. But she was too late. The Fallen were released, and now that Jared has ascended, they intend on using his blood to complete their plan to end the world.

With The Order now divided, Hanna and her friends must find a way to help Jared become The Savior they believe he is. But when a Guardian who’s always viewed Jared as the enemy throws him in the church dungeon at The Compound, all may be lost.

Will Hanna be able to rescue Jared and convince him he’s not the monster he believes himself to be, or will he give into darkness and despair and truly become The Destroyer?

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Of Blood & Magic: Blood Descent Book 1 by [McDonald, T.L.]Of Blood & Magic: Blood Descent Book 1
by T.L. McDonald

Secrets can’t stay buried forever.

I’m Indi Bellamy and my whole world is about to come crashing down.

I thought I was living an ordinary life, but it was all a carefully constructed lie. Truth is, I’m not ordinary at all. I might not even be human.

Vampires tell me I’m a threat that must be eliminated. Witches steeped in black magic are targeting me. Abilities I never knew I had are rising to the surface, and the person who can help me figure this all out is the one guy I’m certain I shouldn’t trust.

My very existence is forbidden. My past has been taken from me. For me to survive, I must discover why I’ve been declared too dangerous to live.

A YA Urban Fantasy with plenty of dangers, demons, and delightful twists, Of Blood and Magic is a spellbinding story of paranormal creatures hunting down a strong heroine with powers she has yet to unveil. Fans of dark tales of magic, vampires, angels, paranormal romance, and urban fantasy with splashes of horror will be hooked


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souls untetheredSouls Untethered (The Souls Untethered Saga Book 1)
by K.J. McPike

I love you all. I’m so sorry.

After her mother disappeared, leaving only a cryptic note behind, strange things started happening to Lali Yavari. She sees visions of people she doesn’t know and witnesses violence and secrets. When one of her visions comes to life and the handsome, yet elusive, Kai Awana becomes a new student at her school, Lali thinks she’s losing her mind.

Then she discovers a dangerous secret–she can astral project, a form of telepathy that allows her soul to leave her body and travel to dark realities. Kai is willing to make her a deal. He’ll help Lali find her mother if Lali uses her abilities to save his sister from Alea, an alternate realm that only Lali can reach.

But Lali isn’t a hero. She’s a target. Alea’s government is looking for people like her to use as experiments in a twisted lab. If Lali’s caught, it could mean losing everything…even her own life.

Can Lali learn to control her powers? Or will she be trapped in a dark world she can’t escape?

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truths unspoken

Truths Unspoken (The Souls Untethered Saga Book 1.5)
by K.J. McPike

Lali had her say. Now it’s Kai’s turn…

Set before, during, and just after the events in Souls Untethered, this thrilling, full-length companion novel is told from Kai’s perspective. Discover his true motivations and what really happened when Lali wasn’t around.

Kai Awana can find anyone … well, almost. His ability to appear next to whomever he envisions should have made things easier, but even after months of searching and a series of morally questionable actions, he is still no closer to reaching the one person he desperately wants to find–his sister, Kala. That is, until he comes across someone whose ability just might be exactly what he needs. The only problem is, this someone has every reason to hate him. But Kai will do anything to ensure he gets his sister back–even if it means blurring the line between right and wrong.

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fates unsparing

Fates Unsparing (The Souls Untethered Saga Book 2)
by K.J. McPike

After the tumultuous months following her sixteenth birthday, Lali Yavari just wants life to go back to the way it was before—before her mother left, before she discovered she could astral project, and most of all, before she met Kai. But the boy she would prefer to avoid pops up in her life again, and this time it’s a matter of life and death. When the unthinkable happens, Lali is determined to use her brothers’ time traveling abilities to make things right. Unfortunately, no one warned her that trying to change the past could result in getting stuck there…

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by Elizabeth Montgomery

For those of us who come into the world different, we see it for what it really is.


Avery Chamberlin is special, unique. Beautiful words to gloss over the fact that she is different. She has never felt like she fit in. Why should she?

She was reminded on a daily basis that she was not like her peers. Flawed. Damaged. A freak.

Avery will have to come out of her shell to prove that even the bullies
have their own insecurities.


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persecutionPersecution (The Dyphillum Series Book 1)

by Elizabeth Montgomery

They were exiled from their clan. Made to leave the only home they ever knew. They knew the curse would kill them if they didn’t leave. Isaac erased her memories to give her a better life.


Only Cecily can defeat the hunters. Isaac swore his heart to protect her. Julian swore his life to protect her. But in the end will it be Isaac and Julian that needs saving?

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damnationDamnation (The Dyphillum Series Book 2)

by Elizabeth Montgomery

Cecily, Isaac, and Julian have worked together to defeat one evil. Can they survive another?

In order to save herself from the twisted fate Sadina, the creator of the Dyphillum, has in store for her, Cecily will be forced to find the most powerful magic she possesses – or become nothing more than the mother of an army of immortal bent to take over the world.

Sadina has to die, but would that erase all of the spells she has cast? Would history be rewritten without the Dyphillum race?

With help from an unlikely ally and opposition from the elders, the trio is forced to reach deeper than ever before to defeat this great evil.

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by Elizabeth Montgomery

Who could’ve known one pair of shoes could cause so much trouble.

Dee’s lost the sparkly red heels, and when she befriends a witch to help her find a way home, she finds herself down the rabbit hole. With the veil between Wonderland and Oz torn wide open, things go awry.

The flying monkeys are loose in the Kingdom, Hatter is lost on the sun-colored brick road, and betwixt a battle of the worlds, the Red Queen seeks power, but all Dee wants is to go home.

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what lies insideWhat Lies Inside (Blood Bound Series Book 1)
by J.L. Myers

Amelia never asked to unleash her inner vampire…she never even knew it existed.

Amelia is sucked into a nightmare and killed at the hungry fangs of a monster…but then she wakes up and everything has changed. Her whole life has been a lie. What she thought she was—human—is nothing but a disguise, one she never even knew she was wearing.

Amelia is a vampire and she always has been.

But lies and secrets won’t stay buried forever as her telling dreams turn into warnings. Amelia is unaware of the superior power she possesses and the danger she is in. Not everyone is who they claim to be. Not even Ty. Falling for him will be impossible not to do, but staying alive after that?

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made by designMade By Design (Blood Bound Series Book 2)
by J.L. Myers

Hunted and anything but normal…even for a vampire.

Amelia Lamont’s return to normal vampire life is threatened with a horrific vision, while new dynamics about her link to The Sight drive her to keep her growing and intrusive power a secret. And then there’s Ty—her sexy werewolf boyfriend—but can he truly accept Amelia’s connection and deepening bond with Kendrick?

Although she’s escaped with her life for now, Amelia knows Caius is watching and waiting, preparing for the right moment to take back possession of his experiment—her. As she searches for the truth behind her creation, the fabric of the past is torn away, leaving her questioning whom she can truly trust…the deeper she digs, the darker her past becomes.

Amelia’s outlawed romance with her race’s mortal enemy will be put to the ultimate test when her increasingly debilitating dreams turn catastrophic. For in the end, the truth always finds a way to come out, and vampire law is as unforgiving as it is fatal.

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web of liesWeb of Lies (Blood Bound Series Book 3)
by J.L. Myers

The love of Amelia’s life is dead…but is Ty really gone forever?

After Ty bled out in Amelia’s arms, the disappearance of his body sparked an unlikely union between mortal enemies to uncover what happened and if the lycan-hybrid is still alive—even though alive no longer has the same definition.

The Royal Vampire Council will take all necessary measures to protect Amelia, their vampire Oracle. The blooded daughter of a traitor, she is forced into seclusion from the human world to the Armaya—the vampires’ hidden Alaskan complex where even those in power have a hierarchy to answer to. The threat of the damned is escalating, and no royal is safe from the growing danger.

With her loyal best friend, Kendrick, at her side, Amelia will commit any act to uncover the story behind Ty’s disappearance. The only chance Amelia has to save her lost love is by learning to control her secret abilities—abilities gained through the engineered blood in Amelia’s veins. But as her chances of finding Ty alive dwindle, her feelings for Kendrick begin to grow.

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born to dieBorn to Die (Blood Bound Series Book 4)
by J.L. Myers

Amelia will do anything to save her best friend’s life…even when he’s already dead.

After Amelia’s twin Marcus snapped her best friend’s neck, a letter lets her hope his death may not be his ultimate end. Now hidden among his damned minions, Marcus claims to know the steps to take, but won’t reveal them without getting what he wants—Amelia damned and ruling by his side.

With the damned threat escalating, the vampires and werewolves will have to work together if they hope to survive—but old habits and hates die hard. With Marcus always one step ahead and Amelia now in full transition to become damned, she will have to control her own violent urges, watch her back, and keep the peace.

To pull off the impossible, Amelia needs Ty—and his blood—to tame her murderous side and hide what she’s becoming. But as they fight to save her best friend and stop her twin, it all starts to fall apart. Even Ty’s hybrid blood can’t keep Amelia’s dangerous impulses in check—and Amelia can’t keep hiding her feelings for the guy she never stopped loving.

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Fallen Angel 1: Ashes of Eden by [Myers, J.L.]Fallen Angel 1: Ashes of Eden
by J.L. Myers

Think you know the story behind Lucifer’s fall from grace? Think again…

Before Earth there was Heaven, a place of immortality and subservience where angels existed to watch the world transform. Until one angel changed everything. Stripped of his essence, flesh replaced light, and the weight of Lucifer’s new wings bore down on him like a burden…until he saw her.

By his side since the dawn of time, Gabriel was Lucifer’s closest companion in brilliant light. But seeing her in the flesh changed him. Lucifer can’t look away. And not because she’s perfection personified. Beyond Gabriel’s cascading hair, porcelain skin, and blushed lips, her silvery eyes are the windows to her very soul and her eternal hope—even for an unworthy angel like him.

And Lucifer is unworthy.

His thoughts of her alone are a sin. The words he whispers and the fleeting touches he can’t refrain from during their stolen moments together are forbidden. But their secret won’t stay buried for long. Another angel knows the truth, and he’s ready to stab Lucifer in the back to fulfill his own selfish needs…

Can true love prevail despite the threats that stand in their way, or will Lucifer’s forbidden desires set him on a dark path he can’t escape from?

Purchase Ashes of Eden HERE

Fallen Angel 2: Dawn of Reckoning (New & Lengthened 2018 Edition) by [Myers, J.L.]Fallen Angel 2; Dawn of Reckoning
by J.L. Myers

A fallen angel. The love that was stolen from him. And a score to settle.

Banished to Earth, Lucifer will do anything to redeem himself and return to Heaven and the love he can’t live without.

But God has other plans…

One glimpse of Gabriel is all it will take to undo all the good Lucifer has achieved. One glimpse that reveals…maybe his infatuation wasn’t as reciprocated as he thought.

Trapped in Heaven, Gabriel witnesses the dark change in the man she loves. But if she hopes to save Lucifer from himself and the dark path he’s destined for, she will have to break the rules…

Can Gabriel stop Lucifer before he commits a sin that can never be forgiven, or will she fail and send him to a place he can never escape from?

Purchase Dawn of Reckoning HERE

Fallen Angel 3: Breaking Lucifer by [Myers, J.L.]Fallen Angel 3; Breaking Lucifer
by J.L. Myers

Immortalized by fire, a new prince will reign as Heaven trembles in fear.

Struck from Heaven to Hell, even the infinite peace of suicide is stolen from Lucifer. His maker isn’t done with him—not by a long shot. With the promise of soaring wings that could return him to his forbidden love, can Lucifer do the heinous task that is being demanded of him?

Banned from glimpsing Lucifer, Gabriel has her own redemption to pay. But her penance is unconscionable, an order that goes against all that she has strived to uphold since Lucifer’s banishment. A punishment that will turn Lucifer against her if he ever found out.

Worlds apart, and with danger and betrayals on the horizon, can these forbidden lovers ever find their way back to one another, or will this finally be the end of their jilted love story?

Purchase Breaking Lucifer HERE
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paranormal painlessParanormal Painless: A Supernatural World of Stranger Things (A Young Adult Ghost Story)
by Shannon Rieger


Join Christian Moore in his paranormal world of stranger things. Bewildered by an unexpected, peculiar package and disturbed by its accompanying antagonistic spirits, English teacher Christian Moore is shaken from his carefully crafted, cocooned existence and catapulted into the shocking reality of an unpredictable, haunted and sometimes evil world.

With his own safety and sanity at stake, he must learn to embrace the paranormal when he is confronted by the serial killer of innocent children. To survive, Christian forms unlikely alliances with once feared intruders from the supernatural realm, as well as, a mysterious man with unique insight and abilities.  Just when he thinks he has solved the mystery of his chilling visions, he is propelled into a tomb of water where he is forced to unravel the heartbreaking history buried for years within the confines of those same walls.

While helping the unfortunate, trapped souls, he is compelled to examine his own traumatic past and to risk everything he knows for a life truly worth living.

Will Christian Moore learn why the children haunting his home were murdered? Will he survive the visit from the serial killer? Will he make peace with his past and learn to love better, and therefore, live better?

Purchase Paranormal Painless HERE


paranormal painlessParanormal Fearless: A Ghost Story of Supernatural Stalkers, Blood-curdling Secrets and Disturbing Hauntings (Paranormal Painless Book 2)
by Shannon Rieger

Once more, Christian Moore, a reclusive high school teacher, finds himself unwittingly thrust into a complex, supernatural mystery.

As he sleeps, he is catapulted deep into a midnight forest on a desolate highway where he is confronted with a sinister, shadowy creature. He is horrified by the deafening sounds of screeching tires, shattering glass, and the crushing and grinding of metal. Throughout the all-too-real vision, he catches snippets of a song and the unsettling cries of a baby.

He knows he is destined to keep repeating the same nightmare until he is able to decipher the obscure messages from the afterlife and unravel the dreadful secrets of the past.Despite grave personal risk and against the prudent advice of his friend Michael, he resolves to help a student who is being terrorized by a vengeful spirit. He quickly learns it would take new tactics and the united effort of all Christian’s supports and resources to meet the terrifying challenge set before him.


Purchase Paranormal Fearless HERE









Order of Seven
by Beth Teliho

Eighteen-year-old Devi Bennett is surrounded by mysteries: her unknown heritage, a recurring dream about an African tribal ceremony, an inexplicable attachment to a certain tree and a psychic ability she’ll never understand—unless she finds her biological parents.

Things take a shocking turn when she meets Baron, an intense and alluring energy healer who receives prophetic dreams which all seem connected to her. Devi must rely on an empath, a seer, and Baron to help research her roots to discover who she is and what she is capable of. But when Baron’s visions lead to an ancient legend which may link to her birthright, Devi learns her gift is more imperative than she thought imaginable.

Equal parts suspenseful and sexy, philosophical and adventurous, Order of Seven delivers a story that will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about the hands that carry fate.

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gay teens guide 1The Gay Teen’s Guide to Defeating a Siren – Book 1: The Seeker
by Cody Wagner

Came out of the closet by accident? Check.
Sent off to a pray-away-the-gay school? Miserable check.
Shenanigans ensued? Mega-quadruple check.

Blaize Trales’s world falls apart when he’s dragged to Sanctuary Preparatory Academy, a boarding school that claims to fix gay teens. The place sucks so much they even serve food like “Cleansing Corn”. Blaize’s misguided parents eat it up and hand him over for brainwashing.

But things at Sanctuary aren’t what they appear. Blaize soon discovers the school’s antics are all a lie. They’re also at war with an ancient enemy. Between surviving bullies, rescuing students from mysterious attacks, and passing algebra, Blaize’s life is going to get out-of-control crazy.

And freaking dangerous.

Lucky for Blaize, he wields the ultimate weapon—being gay. And he’s pretty good at it.

Purchase The Seeker HERE


the sirenThe Gay Teen’s Guide to Defeating a Siren Book 2: The Siren
by Cody Wagner

After months of hiding from the evil Siren, Blaize Trales returns to Sanctuary Preparatory Academy for answers.

Some things at Sanctuary haven’t changed. It’s still a secret high school for gay teens. Healing Hamburgers still taste like overcooked charcoal. And it’s still Blaize’s favorite place in the world.

Other things on campus will never be the same. The loss of a friend at the hands of the Siren haunts Sanctuary. The struggle to hide a newfound power sucks. And fumbling through a crush makes Blaize’s life even crazier.

The line between relationship and duty is wrecked when government agents, under the Siren’s control, invade Sanctuary. Blaize will have to choose between protecting himself and rescuing those he cares about.

Lucky for Blaize, he wields the ultimate weapon—being gay. And he’s still pretty good at it.

Download The Siren HERE

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unexpected-alphaUnexpected Alpha (Aluna Series Book 10
by Bethany Wicker

Female Alphas are unheard of in werewolf society, and the Sapphire Pack is no different. So when Lena’s father dies, no one is more shocked than she to discover that his Alpha powers have transferred to her. Lena has her hands full protecting her pack from hunters and rogue wolves, while simultaneously facing prejudices and power-hungry males who want to mate with her just to steal her title.

But when the uber-sexy Kane enters the picture, Lena gets a lot more than she bargained for. He irritates her to no end, while giving her butterflies at the same time. With his interference and her new-found power bubbling under her skin, something inside her changes, leaving her confused as to what she truly is. She soon discovers that searching for answers is most difficult when the last person she can trust is the only one who has them.

Purchase Unexpected Alpha HERE


alunaAluna (Aluna Series Book 2)
by Bethany Wicker

Desperate to find out what she is and where she belongs in the werewolf society, Lena seeks out Dash—the only other werewolf of her kind. But Dash is reluctant to give up any information.

Along with her newly founded comrade, Stark, Lena must uncover what Dash is hiding. But she learns that sometimes the truth only leads to more trouble.

Wanting to get back to her pack and Kane, her mate, Lena struggles to find how to break away from the mess she’s gotten herself into. But when old enemies come back into the picture, things take a turn for the worst.

Purchase Aluna HERE


hybridHybrid (Aluna Series Book 3)
by Bethany Wicker

A peace that won’t last. An exciting adventure that has its risks. And a new enemy on the horizon.

Now that she’s settled into her Aluna title, a whole new adventure calls to Lena. She discovers she’s expecting and she and Kane couldn’t be happier. The bad thing, she can no longer shift into her wolf form. With an overprotective mate, Lena shouldn’t have to worry about not being able to shift. But, as usual, the peace doesn’t last.

Now, there’s a new enemy on the horizon. A group of werewolf hunters that call themselves the Order. They want to take advantage of Lena’s debilitated state and destroy their pack, which is now considered to be the strongest one in the nation. It’s hard to recognize friend from foe amongst the hunters, so what does this mean for the ones who live with them?

Purchase Hybrid HERE

starkStark (Aluna Series Novella)
by Bethany Wicker

After being turned into a hybrid werewolf, Stark became bonded to Lena. Always connected, Stark struggles to contain his emotions, especially considering he’s mated to Kayla.

Being linked to two girls is exhausting, even more so when he has feelings for both. Kayla is his mate, but Stark can’t shake Lena from his mind. Can he manage to come to terms with his emotions before he loses Kayla forever?

Stark follows a fan-favorite character, Stark, through the third installment of the Aluna Series: Hybrid.


Purchase Stark HERE


unexpected mate

Unexpected Mate  (Aluna Series Book 4)
by Bethany Wicker

Eden was born a hybrid wolf with both Alpha and Luna powers within her. Now that she’s seventeen, she’s expected to find a mate and prepare to take over her pack when she’s eighteen, as is tradition. But nobody expected it to be Liam.

Liam, the son of Knox and Katie, is the only werewolf born without a wolf. It was an unheard of phenomena until he was born. His twin brother got the wolf gene and Liam is just the leftover. Feeling like an outcast, he never anticipated he’d have a shot at dating Eden, let alone be her mate.

Does Eden have enough werewolf in her for the two of them to lead the pack together? To make things worse, something’s draining their livestock of their blood.


Purchase Unexpected Mate HERE


unexpected allyUnexpected Ally (Aluna Series Book 5)
by Bethany Wicker

A dark scheme. A bloodthirsty revenge. An impending war.

A year after the vampire attack and Eden feels everything is going to be okay. But the good can only last so long in the werewolf realm. There’s an evil scheme brewing and it involves the Sapphire and Emerald Pack as the primary target.

With Liam at her side as a werewolf, Eden is at her best. They can beat anything, or so they think. When life seems to be spiraling out of their control, help comes in the most unlikely place and it may be the only thing that can save their pack.

Purchase Unexpected Ally HERE

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