paul mosierPaul Mosier quit drinking at age twenty-five, because he did not have the resolve to see his alcoholism through to its logical conclusion. He quit writing at age thirty-two because he didn’t have the strength of character to return to alcoholism. He then spent a period of years being paid to paint pictures as a so-called artist. He never could care for brushes properly, so he founded a green investing company and somehow got married and fathered two adorable daughters. He began writing again in 2011 and has completed three novels to date: Breakfast At Tuli’s, the equally absurd Genre, and the all-ages show Story Girl. He claims he writes only what the muse asks him to write, which sounds like a bit of a cop-out. He confesses to using conjunctions to begin sentences just to piss off other writers he is friendly with, and uses passive language in a manner that could be seen as passive-aggressive. The handwriting analysis machine at the Arizona State Fair called him “easily aroused.” Make of that what you wish.

Find Paul Mosier’s books in the YAAR library:
Story Girl: an all-ages show.
Train I Ride.