lili mahoneyI never thought I’d be someone to write a book.  EVER.  I hated reading growing up because of dyslexia and the struggles I had throughout my educational career.   However, life sometimes tosses it’s own little curve ball.  Tory’s story began running though my head and I had to eradicate her and Rusty, or lose my sanity.

I’d fallen in love with the cowboy early on, thanks to Larry McMurtry, and nothing else would ever compare to the love for land and horses I saw in his movie, then discovered in his writing.  That’s what I hope to bring to life with my own writing, that idealistic respect for our environment, matched equally with humor.

In my writing, I create engaging characters (hopefully) who I grow attached to, and hope that you do too.

Find Lili Mahoney’s books in the YA library:

Barefoot Pastures: Book One

Barefoot Pastures: Book Two