new beginningsThe Adventures of Charlie Chameleon: New Beginnings
by Ellen L. Buikema

Moving and making new friends is tough! When Charlie Chameleon and his family start their adventures in New Town, Charlie discovers he is braver than he knows. With his bossy pet fish Frankie by his side, he faces many challenges, including standing up to the neighborhood bully.



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school daysThe Adventures of Charlie Chameleon: School Days
by Ellen L. Buikema

In this second in a series of humorous multicultural books, Charlie Chameleon and his friends are having trouble with Boris Bunny, the class bully. Charlie thinks Boris is putting on an act, but his friends disagree. Follow Charlie’s adventures as he helps Boris learn how to be a friend. Fans of the Arthur the Aardvark series will enjoy the antics of the characters in The Adventures of Charlie Chameleon: School Days. Even bullies can be bullied—who knew!


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The Adventures of Charlie Chameleon: Summertime
by Ellen Buikema

The Chameleons’ vacation is off to a bumpy start. Frankie, the family fish, causes trouble on the plane. Papa gets lost driving in the mountains trying to find Mystery Lake, where Frankie is sure mermaids lurk.
When the family returns home Charlie’s old friend, Tamika, visits him and meets his new friends. At a summer soccer game, Boris sees Tamika and is smitten.

These multicultural stories are intended for second and third grade students as well as advanced first graders to read independently. Children ages three through nine will enjoy the antics of the characters in the Charlie books. To the author’s surprise, these books are being enjoyed by a wider audience than expected.

Reading the series helps children develop empathy and cultivate insight into their lives. The stories cover situations children typically encounter like getting lost, moving, starting a new school, making friends, family vacations, working in a team, and dealing with bullies using a positive method.

The animals possess human characteristics. Charlie Chameleon takes Frankie the fish wherever he goes. If the fish in Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat represents the Superego, Frankie, one of the feistier characters in the series, is all Id. Frankie wants everything, and he wants it right now.

Each chapter ends with one or more activities for children and parents or teachers to do together, related to the actions in the stories.

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moose-in-the-showerA Moose in the Shower
by Elysabeth Eldering

If you were a moose, where would you hide? Where could you hide? Could you hide at all? A moose is in our shower. That’s what Mama said. Now, I have to find it. I’ll look everywhere, even under the bed. What I’ll do when I find it, I don’t know, but I’m going to search and search until I can’t search any more.



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orangutanOrangutan: A Day in the Rainforest Canopy
by Rita Goldner

When a young orangutan wakes in his nest of leaves, his day in the rainforest begins. He swings through the canopy, searching for food, visits the river below, and encounters other Borneo wildlife – some of which create great danger. At day’s end he settles into a new nest of leaves, ready for another adventure tomorrow.

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Jackson’s History Adventure (Jackson’s Adventures Book 1)
by Rita Goldner

A lively story about a boy that learns in a different way, through art.




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jacksonJackson’s Aviation Adventure (Jackson’s Adventures Book 2)
by Rita Goldner

This is a whimsical and funny story about Jackson, who loves art and uses painting to explore his world and his imagination. He’s anxious about a flight he’ll be taking alone. His problem-solving method is painting to learn about the history and science of aviation, and thus calm his nervousness.



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mike-and-deaf-studentMike & the Deaf Student (The Walk a Mile in My Shoes Club Book Series 1)

by Sharon Hendricks

Alpha Academic Press announces the release of the first, in a new educational series of books tailored for elementary and middle school students to address various aspects of bullying.

This is the Walk a Mile in My Shoes series, developed by Sharon Straka Hendricks. She is a graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature and passionate about topics that address concerns impacting young children.

In these WAMIMS Books, the bully is forced to live a day in the life of their victim. In Mike & The Deaf Student, Mike bullies David, a deaf student, only to wake up deaf himself. He soon understands what it is like to be David. After learning some sign language, he apologizes and becomes friends with David.

See the beautiful full color illustrations throughout this book that help your child visualize the story they are reading as they follow Mike’s journey.

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Crayons – Color My World)
by Sharon Hendricks

Alpha Academic Press is proud to release another book by acclaimed author Sharon Straka Hendricks. Capitalizing on the success of “Mike and the Deaf Student” which addresses the topic of bullying, “Crayons – Color My World” takes a look at a young girl as she discovers the richness of color and diversity all around her.

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no rainNo Rain Today
Book One of the Clouds in the Wide Blue Sky Series
by Kristen Iten

Squirrels don’t like his rain. Cats don’t like his rain. Worst of all, children don’t like his rain, and this has the Heavy Little Cloud feeling pretty low. What’s a little cloud to do?  
Our friend, the Heavy Little Cloud, comes up with an ingenious plan to keep everyone happy. Unfortunately, his idea starts to cause some trouble along the way. Get your copy of “No Rain Today” to see what happens when a cloud decides that he’s never going to rain again!  
This beautifully illustrated book is the first in our “Clouds in the Wide Blue Sky” series.

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breezeAdventures on the Breeze

Book Two of the Clouds in the Wide Blue Sky Series

by Kristen Iten

After a tired little cloud falls asleep on the breeze, he wakes to realize that he has drifted far from the lands he knows. He sets out on his new adventure eager for what awaits. The little cloud is confused when things don’t go the way he expected. He has visited new places. He has seen new faces. Wil he make new friends?

Children around the world have fallen in love with the vibrant colors and fun illustrations in the Clouds in the Wide Blue Sky series. Parents appreciate the positive underlying messages found within the pages. Join our fluffy little friend as he learns that everyone has a unique gift that someone, somewhere will appreciate!

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i thinkI Think

by Kristen Iten

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if bugs were as big as people? What would birds do if they had teeth?? What would happen if clouds could catch a cold???

If you haven’t asked these questions before, you’re certainly asking them now! You’ll find the answers you need beautifully illustrated in this collection of three silly stories. “I Think” is the perfect bedtime or any time story book. Let your imagination run wild!

Titles include: If Bugs Were as Big as People, If Birds Had Teeth Like Me, and If Clouds Could Catch a Cold

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white peacockThe Legend of the White Peacock (Legends from Around the World)
by Kristen Iten

Enter the jungle with a young Indian girl, as she braves the night in search of a magical bird of legend. It will take all of her courage to break with tradition, and realize her secret wish.

Sometimes the best things in life are not free, but who will pay the price? Find out in this story of compassion and sacrifice.

If you are a fan of Disney style artistry, you will fall in love with the illustrations in this book! Inspired by traditional Indian art, the illustrations in “The Legend of the White Peacock” will take your breath away. This book is sure to be enjoyed by your intermediate reader, as well as the entire family!

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esmeralda grunchEsmeralda Grunch and the Red Tulip
by Debbie Manber Kupfer

Meet Esmeralda Grunch, a very fetching flower fairy, and her best friend, Tulip.

From the author of P.A.W.S., and Tea & Dark Chocolate, Debbie Manber Kupfer



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Lonnie the Loon Learns to Fly
by Barbara Renner

Lonnie the Loon Learns to Fly is a picture book about a young Loon who thinks it would be fun to change shape like the clouds, blow like the wind, and flow like the river. Lonnie is a curious Loon and asks lots of questions. He learns more than how to fly in different directions as his mother takes him on a flying adventure.

Lonnie the Loon Learns to Fly is a fun story that can be read aloud to preschoolers through kindergartners. The book contains interesting facts about the Common Loon.


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Lonnie the Loon Finds His Home
by Barbara Renner

Lonnie the Loon Finds His Home is a picture book about a young Loon who explores nests around his lake, looking for the perfect home.  As he tries to convince his mother where he wants to live, he asks a lot of questions. Lonnie thinks it would be fun to live on an eagle’s nest, or under a beaver’s dam, or in a muskrat’s water hole. His mother explains to him why this is not possible.

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Lonnie the Loon Flies South for the Winter
by Barbara Renner

While flying south for the winter, Lonnie the Loon is blown off course by strong winds. Instead of landing on coastal waters, he ends up on a lake in the middle of the desert. Lonnie becomes friends with an unlikely character, a Gambel Quail named Quincy. Quincy teaches Lonnie about the desert animals. Using a free QR Code Reader App, the reader is able to listen to a variety of animal calls and songs.

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Lonnie the Loon Learns to Call
by Barbara Renner

“Lonnie the Loon Learns to Call” is a picture book appropriate for children ages 2-6 and beginning readers. Lonnie is a juvenile Loon who lives on a lake with his Mom and Dad. He hears the calls of ducks and geese and wants to learn to call, too. The reader can listen to the beautiful Loon calls and learn along with Lonnie as his father gives him lessons. The book contains interesting facts about Loons.

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quincyQuincy the Quail Leads His Family on an Adventure
by Barbara Renner

Quincy the Quail is a little clumsy, and his topknot falls in front of his eyes, but that doesn’t stop him from leading his family on adventures around their home in the desert. When a sudden rainstorm interrupts their hunt for food, Quincy finds himself in trouble. Discover who rescues Quincy so he can continue being a good leader for his family.

Audio QR codes allow the reader to hear quail calls and owl hoots using a QR Code Reader App on a smart phone or other device. This picture book is appropriate for ages 3 – 7 and is educational as well as entertaining.

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Quincy the Quail Saves a Life
by Barbara Renner

Quincy the Quail is a little clumsy, but that doesn’t stop him from taking care of his family. When the quail family hunt for food in a new neighborhood, they encounter a bullying hummingbird. Quincy protects his chicks from the bully and ends up saving a life.

Audio QR codes throughout the book allow the reader to hear the quail calls and hummingbird sounds by using a free QR Code Reader App. In addition, interesting facts about the Gambel’s Quail and Ruby-throated Hummingbirds are included on almost every page. This book is appropriate for ages 3-7 and is educational as well as entertaining.

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Quincy the Quail and the Mysterious Egg
by Barbara Renner

After Quincy the Quail and his mate, Quella, build a nest, they anxiously wait for their chicks to hatch. When a large egg plops down next to their home, Quincy must find a way to deal with this mysterious intruder. His solution provides the quail family an opportunity to become friends with their desert neighbors.

Audio QR codes in the book allow the reader to hear the quail calls and owl hoots by using a free QR Code Reader App. In addition, interesting facts about the Gambel’s Quail and Great Horned Owl are included on almost every page. This book is appropriate for ages 3-7 and is educational as well as entertaining.

Children love hearing the animal sounds. Parents and teachers love the interactive innovation.

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Ringo Takes the Lead
by Linda Smock

Tahoe is missing. He chased a rabbit through a hole in the fence and now he can’t find his way home. Ringo, a cute, talking Chihuahua and Tahoe’s best friend, must find him before their owners Jerry and Janet realize they’re gone. As Ringo sets off on his adventure he meets other talking animals who are more than willing to help. But a furious storm may prevent the two from ever seeing their home again.
Ringo Takes the Lead is the first in a series of books by Linda Casey Ann Smock starring this most unusual Chihuahua who will worm his way right into your heart. Next up – Ringo’s Big Idea.

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Ringo’s Big Idea (Ringo Adventure Series Book 2)
by Linda Smock

Ringo has an idea on how to free Tahoe’s friends from the pound. But it will take all his buddies – the crow, the squirrel and the monkeys – to pull it off. Will they do it? And if they do, what will happen to the animals?

This is the second book in the Ringo’s Adventure Series. The first book Ringo Takes the Lead introduces the characters and sets the stage for what happens next.

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Ringo and the Gang in a Magical Adventure (Ringo Adventure Series Book 3)
by Linda Smock

Ringo, Cookie, and Tahoe have played in the park many times. But when they go back to visit with their new friends, Cupcake and Norbert, they find a very different place. Rainbows and Unicorns are just a few surprises the park has in store. A fairy grants Ringo his special wish and the doggies are whisked off on a magical adventure!

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Norbert Steals the Show (Ringo Adventure Series Book 4)
by Linda Smock

Norbert has never been to a circus. When he hears Janet and Jerry begging their dad to let them go, he wants to go too. Ringo agrees to take him on one condition – he has to stay out of trouble. That’s easier said than done for a curious dog full of mischief like Norbert.
A case of mistaken identity lands him in the spotlight under the Big Top with no way for Ringo to help. Lions, and Tigers, and ELEPHANTS – OH MY!

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Puppy Love (Ringo Adventure Series Book 5)
by Linda Smock

Ringo and Norbert have fallen in love with the adorable and sweet Cocoa Bean. They are best buddies so how can this happen? They don’t know what to do so they go to Cookie the wisest and oldest of them all. She gives them advice. See how that turns out and the surprise ending.

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vampire-vicVampire Vic’s Sore Throat
by Bethany Wicker

‘Vampire Vic’s Sore Throat’ teaches children basic concepts of protecting themselves from germs, getting sick, and what the signs of Strep Throat are. It also teaches that doctors are there to help and they shouldn’t be scared of them.
‘Vampire Vic’s Sore Throat’ is a fun take on an illness that affects children everywhere and everyday, especially those in school.

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