kirsten itenAs founder of k10conceptions, Kristen works tirelessly to produce high quality children’s literature. As a child she experienced firsthand the wonder that is a parent reading to their child. Now as a mother herself, she has committed to providing unique stories that parents around the globe will use to build lasting family memories of their own.

Kristen started her writing career as a freelance writer. Most of her time was spent writing informative nonfiction content. “That was pretty unfulfilling on a creative level,” she remarked. “There was the satisfaction of a job well done when I would finish a piece, but as a whole, the job became such drudgery that I began to question whether or not I even enjoyed writing.”

She soon realized that she was writing the wrong kind of material. “When I switched over and began to write from the imagination things really began to pop!” Kristen is now a successful author with several children’s books awaiting release. She manages k10conceptions and is working to build a vibrant community on facebook that supports parents in their efforts to find creative and developmental playtime activities for their children.

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No Rain Today

Adventures on the Breeze

 I Think

The Legend of the White Peacock


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