Tania Hagan was born in Illinois, but moved to Southern California as a young teen. She graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a degree in Social Science and Psychology.

She began her writing career shortly after school, when she wrote for a major business magazine. She also read the nightly business report for the company’s TV news. At the same time, she produced, and reported for a weekly TV news magazine program.

After she was married, Tania and her husband moved back to the Chicago area, where she worked briefly as a stringer for a local newspaper. She also became a successful Realtor, and continued to write for online, as well as for print publications.

They have one beautiful daughter. Her dream of dreams is to eventually adopt many more children. Out of everything she’s ever accomplished, she is most proud of being a mom.

The Cure is Tania’s debut novel. She plans to complete a sequel within the next year. She also has two additional Young Adult Dystopian books on the back burner. So, stay tuned, and look for her name.

Look for Tania’s books in the YAAR Library:

The Cure 
The Angel Factor (The Cure Series Book 2)

The Haunting of Tinley Hall