echoesEchoes (The Pria Chronicles Book 1)
by Shannon Rieger

Michael Hilton was six years old when he fell into an unexplained coma. His mysterious powers emerged when he inexplicably awoke, forever changed. Unearthly creatures that once were hidden from view were no longer invisible to him. Like the creatures living incognito amongst the human race, so will Michael attempt to conceal from others his strange powers and abilities. But his ability to see creatures prowling in his world is just the tip of the iceberg.


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senseSense (The Pria Chronicles Book 2)
by Shannon Rieger

Michael is compelled to return to protect Avery. In addition to known threats, there are new creatures terrorizing her. He is dismayed that Greyson is still involved and he is frustrated by Dean, a feisty competitor for her affections. When an entity with painful echoes appears, Michael realizes that Villefuries, Kritch, and the peculiar fog, are somehow inextricably intertwined. The furtive girl with the rainbow coloured hair attempts to intercede, but it isn’t just Avery who needs protection. Oh, and to Michael’s consternation, his cat Henry continues to wreak havoc.

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sensory overloadSensory Overload  (The Pria Chronicles Book 3)
by Shannon Rieger

Through an apparition, Michael learns that Avery has a powerful secret, one that even she has yet to learn. He begins to grasp why the creatures are swarming around the University. Michael becomes confused over Kritch’s true intentions when he witnesses a fearsome altercation between her and the creatures. When dreadful echoes warn of danger, Greyson, Avery and Michael must devise a strategy to protect themselves. Even with their combined powers, will they be able to thwart the evil entities’ plan to seize Avery?

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pippaPippa of Lauramore (Eldentimber Book 1)
by Shari L. Tapscott

Act like a lady. Don’t swim in the waterfall. And whatever you do, never slip into the woods for a romantic, moonlit ride.

When a princess turns eighteen, she is not supposed to sneak away from her own birthday celebration with the first handsome prince she meets. But Pippa is not just any princess, and there is nothing she enjoys more than a moonlit ride through the woods. Only one thing could ruin a beautiful evening under the stars with Galinor, the dark-haired, blue-eyed prince of Glendon—and that’s her father tracking her down.

When King Ewan catches Pippa, he orders her to spend twelve days of confinement in the castle. This is an inconvenience for the princess, considering thirty princes and lords have come from all across the Kingdoms of Elden to fight in a tournament for her hand in marriage. Not willing to stand idly by while her fate is being decided, Pippa enlists the help of her childhood friend Archer, master archer of the kingdom. Together they make a pact to do everything in their power to ensure Galinor’s victory in the tournament.

But as the events progress and the stakes get higher and higher, Pippa not only begins to doubt Galinor’s chances—she also realizes the tournament may be forcing her toward a future she no longer wants…

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anwenAnwen of Primewood (Eldentimber Book 2)
by Shari L. Tapscott

It’s never wise for a lady to run away in the middle of the night with a smooth-talking man with a questionable heritage—it’s even worse to give that man your family’s greatest treasure.

After making a chain of bad decisions, Lady Anwen of Primewood finds herself in Lauramore, posing as a tambourine girl while she attempts to track down the man who wooed her, robbed her, and left her in the woods. Instead, she finds Galinor—a melancholy prince who’s incapable of saying no to a damsel in distress.

Together, they set out on a seemingly simple mission to fix Anwen’s greatest mistake, but soon they encounter complications in the form of stolen horses, mischievous fairies, and a dark creature that stalks them through the forest.

Despite all that, the unexpected and inconvenient affection growing between them might be the most troublesome obstacle of all…

Full of charm and humor, Anwen of Primewood is a romantic fairy tale adventure set in a fantasy world you won’t soon forget.

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seirshaSeirsha of Errinton (Eldentimber Book 3)
by Shari L. Tapscott

The people of Errinton are cold, but none is more so than their distant and aloof princess. At least, that’s how Seirsha hopes to be seen. After living in the shadow of her father, the cruel King Bowen, the princess has learned to keep her distance, hiding her feelings and the love she has for her people. Seirsha finds peace only with a peasant family in the village and a very unlikely friend from the caves near the castle.

But after her involvement in the death of the male heir to the Errintonian throne, Seirsha’s defenses begin to crumble. The search for another successor begins, and the one man with the power to strip away the princess’s walls steps back into her life.

Seirsha knows she should keep her distance from Lord Rigel—the only man in Errinton with a legitimate claim to her father’s throne—but when Bowen orders her to keep the dark lord close so she may spy on him, the princess must make a choice. With another Dragon War looming and Errinton’s oppressed rising against their leaders, will Seirsha betray her blood or turn her back on Rigel—the man she’s loved her entire life?

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Audette of Brookraven (Eldentimber Book 4)
by Shari L. Tapscott

The Final Chapter in The Eldentimber Series

When Audette pictured her wedding day, she never imagined leaving her intended at the alter. And though Irving, a prince with a reputation for trouble, never cared to picture the grand event (and had rather hoped he could somehow avoid it altogether), he certainly wouldn’t have imagined being abandoned.

But when Audette receives a cry for help from the mysterious, secret order she leads, the princess doesn’t think twice about jilting Irving. With her brother and closest friend at her side, and her loyal order of knights anxiously awaiting her arrival, Audette travels to the distant island kingdom of Ptarma, not once expecting Irving to follow her.

But that’s exactly what he does.

Now, trapped together until the ships sail again in spring, Audette must learn to get along with the infuriating prince if she’s to track down the darkness that’s wreaking havoc in the night. For in the shadows, the dark beast of legend looms, and only together will they have a chance of defeating it…

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Shadow SeekersRise of the Shadow Seekers: The First Seeker
by Korey Ward

With a flash of light, and a crack of thunder, Alex’s world is changed forever. With the aid of his friends, and an old spyglass that can reveal the things that lurk in the shadows, he will discover an ancient threat growing within the town of Sundown, and possibly the world. What will he discover the shadows? Will he stop the spreading curse before it’s too late?
Find out in Rise of the Shadow Seekers, The First Seeker


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dark-lightningDark Lightning
by Bethany Wicker

Ever dreamed of having control over an element? Ava Sparks didn’t. She was just a normal girl without a passing thought that there could be something out there other than humans. Until her seventeenth birthday.

In a moment of panic, something unthinkable happens: lightning surged out of her hands. Soon after, she is swept away into the world of elementals. At Westville Boarding School, she is drawn into a society full of dark secrets, power, and rivalry, and she must find her place in the battle Ms. Masters, the leader of the elementals, is set on instigating against humans.

Aided by her best friend Harper McGee, she realizes her true potential and the benefits of wielding lightning. However, reoccurring nightmares are testing the limits of her sanity and the fact that an unavoidable darkness follows the lightning doesn’t help. When the past and present starts to collide, secrets are revealed and fate is hard to avoid. Throw in the infuriating, but mouth-watering, Nathan Yates and life is no longer easy. She instantly feels drawn to him, no matter how rude he is or how hard he pushes her away.

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dark fireDark Fire
by Bethany Wicker

Kyler Yates has grown up in the elemental society all her life. Her mother, an advocate for human relations, wants her to start attending a human school for her last year. Kyler, unlike her mom, wants nothing to do with humans so why would she try to be friends with them?

Remy James grew up in the human world and has been taught that elementals are terrible, selfish people. It’s only proven true when he meets Kyler. She’s condescending and cold-hearted, but there’s something there that makes Remy want to get to know her.

Can the two of them get over their differences and give in to the pull that keeps drawing them together?

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