elysabeth elderingElysabeth lives in upper state South Carolina and is the author of the Junior Geography Detective Squad (JGDS), 50-state mystery trivia series. She enjoys reading, writing, cross stitching, and crocheting.
Ms. Eldering is the author of several short stories that have placed in various contests including “Train of Clues” (Armchair Interviews fan mystery contest, shared 2nd place; this is a mystery destination story and the predecessor to the JGDS series); “The Tulip Kiss” (Echelon Press’s Fast and Frigid contest, 1st place); “The Proposal” (Armchair Interviews April Fools Day contest, 3rd place); “Bride-and-Seek” (South Carolina Writers’ Workshop selection for its annual anthology, The Petigru Review); “Butterfly Halves” (Echelon Press’s fast and fanciful contest, runner up selection), “Zombies Amuck” (Foothills Writers’ Guild annual contest, 2nd place).
Currently, Elysabeth is working on a novel titled Imogene: Innocense Lost and has published a YA novel, Finally Home. She is in the process of publishing most of her short stories as ebooks and has published her YA paranormal mystery novel, Finally Home.
If she’s not working, writing, reading or attending various book related events, Elysabeth can be found socializing on the net or attending her local chapter’s Sisters in Crime meetings.

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The Ties of Time

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