k.r. conwayK.R. (Kate) Conway is the author of the Amazon bestselling Undertow series, which includes Undertow, Stormfront, Cruel Summer and True North.

At twenty-two, she started writing professionally for multiple magazines and newspapers. Thirteen years later, she wrote her first novel on a whim (Undertow) and soon found herself with an army of fans, a list of awards, and thousands of books sold.

She has a passion for working with teenaged storytellers, as their imaginations are limitless and bold. She is a faculty member for the NESCBWI and holds a degree in Forensic Psychology with dual honors from Mount Holyoke College. She is a Cape Cod native and lives near the Scusset Beach State Park. She can often be found combing the sand with her kids, hunting for sea glass . . . and jumping from Life Guard stands.

Find K.R.’s Books in the YAAR Libarary:
Undertow (Undertow Book 1)
Stormfront (Undertow Book 2)
True North (Undertow Book 3)
Last Light (Undertow Book 4)
Cruel Summer: An Undertow Series Novella

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