j-n-colonJ.N. Colon is an author of young adult paranormal romance and urban fantasy. Her first series, Divine Darkness, is centered around Greek gods, specifically Hades and his unexpected love of one human girl—who turns out to have a destiny neither of them were prepared for. The second series, Secret Salem, is about a quirky teenager who transfers to a private school in Salem, Massachusetts where the students are beautiful and secrets are deadly. And lastly, The Iron Series is a dark thriller where Kory, a jaded teen, learns there are worse things than criminals walking the streets at night—and she was born to hunt them.

When she isn’t writing, J.N. Colon is reading anything with a little paranormal romance or even horror. She’s addicted to cheesy ghost hunting shows and horror movies even when they are bound to give her nightmares. Those are often the inspiration for some of her stories. Her favorite color is purple and she loves Halloween more than her own real birthday, which only comes every four years.

Find J.N.’s books in the YAAR library:

Blood in Iron (The Iron Series Book 1)
Badly in Blood (The Iron Series Book 2)
Blood Lies (The Iron Series Book 3)
Torn By Blood  (The Iron Series Book 4)
Blood Shattered  (The Iron Series Book 5)

Stalked (A Secret Salem Novel)
Hunted (A Secret Salem Novel 2)
Haunted (A Secret Salem Novel 3)
Tormented (A Secret Salem Novel 4)

Dark Souls (A Divine Darkness Novel)
Dark Sins (A Divine Darkness Novel 2)
Dark Prophecy (A Divine Darkness Novel 3)
Dark Goddess (A Divine Darkness Novel 4)

Dark Fates (The Vampire Prophecy Book1) (with G.K. DeRosa)
Dark Divide (The Vampire Prophecy Book 2) (with G.K. DeRosa)
Dark Oblivion (The Vampire Prophecy Book 3) (with G.K. DeRosa)

Voodoo Unleasahed (Hidden Conduit Series Book 1)
Magic Untamed (Hidden Conduit Series Book 2)
Wicked Unveiled (Hidden Conduit Series Book 3)

If you want more info about her or her books please visit her at:

Author website: www.jncolonbooks.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/JNColonAuthor
Twitter: www.twitter.com/JNColon