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Spring Fever Giveaway

 ** This Giveaway has finished. Follow our blog to be the first to know about any future giveaways! **



We all need to get away after months of cold, dreary, monotony. But even while we’re dreaming of white sand beaches and rolling waves, our regularly schedule life must go on.

But does it really? Getting away is a lot easier than you think. All it takes is a bit of spare time, an open mind, and a good book. That’s why we’re giving away tons of books! There’ll be over TWENTY winners.

And one grand-prize winner will walk away with a signed, first edition hardback of Witch and Wizard which just so happens to be written by one of the biggest names in fiction – JAMES PATTERSON! On top of that, they get a $100 amazon gift-card! 

And all if takes is a minute or two and a few clicks of the mouse.


Check out these other amazing prizes we have for you.

Signed copy of XODUS by K.J. Mcpike!



Signed copy of Seer of Souls by Susan Faw


Signed copy of Lonnie the Loon Finds His Home by Barbara Renner


Signed copy of Order of Seven by Beth Teliho


Signed copy of Choices by Michelle Lynn


Signed copy of The Keeper of Dragons by J.A. Culican


Signed copy of The Hereafter by Jessica Bucher


Signed copy of Autumn in the City of Angels by Kirby Howell


Signed copy of Reality is in a Dream by Lauren Mayhew


Signed copy of The Other Inheritance by Rebecca Jaycox


Signed copy of Orangutan by Rita Goldner


Signed copy of Glitter and Sparkle by Shari Tapscott


Signed copy of Into Shadow by T.D. Shields


Signed copy of The Convergence by Tenille Berezay

tenille berezay.jpg

Signed copy of Counteract by Tracy Lawson


Signed copy of Dawn of the Dreamer by L.J. Higgins


Signed copy of On Delicate Wings by L.J. Higgins


Signed copy of The Clay Lion by Amalie Jahn.


Signed copy of The Adventures of Charlie Chameleon by Ellen Buikema


Audio version of Dawn of Rebellion by Michelle Lynn


Kindle copy of Shine and Shimmer by Shari Tapscott


Kindle copy of Seer of Souls by Susan Faw


Kindle copy of Spark by Tracy Lawson


Signed copy of Lonnie the Loon Learns to Call by Barbara Renner


Kindle copy of The Adventures of Charlie Chameleon by Ellen Buikema


Kindle copy of Jackson’s Aviation Adventure by Rita Goldner


Kindle copy of Jackson’s History Adventure by Rita Goldner



Glitter and Sparkle series journal

Orangutan notecards

Young Adult Book Heist Giveaway

Book Heist Giveaway Info - Young Adult Author RendezvousYoung Adult books come in all shapes and sizes. Some star werewolves or vampires. Some feature magic. Sometimes the world is new. Sometimes it’s a twist on everything you know. There is family. Friendship shows up in spades. Most of the time, you can be sure you’ll fall in love.

It’s a world of literature that so many miss out on because they think the name describes the reader’s age. In reality, YA books are for those who appreciate the wonders of youth. They strive for the optimism and the courage in the face of danger. Yes, teens read these stories in droves, but they aren’t the only ones who can learn from the perpetual hope these characters see. To see the world through the eyes of someone who wants to make it better is an astounding thing.

Nineteen young adult authors have banded together to show their little corners of the world, their hope and courage and optimism. It is shown through the actions of teenagers who are ever changing. They love with the same fierceness that they hate and forgive easily. They believe they can do anything. Who doesn’t want a piece of that?

When you enter our giveaway, you not only have a chance to win a Kindle Paperwhite, but so many more prizes from paperbacks to swag. Every entrant will also receive five FREE eBooks. You can sign up nineteen different ways.

Book Heist Giveaway - Young Adult Author RendezvousBy entering, you are also helping each author donate books to The Lisa Libraries. It’s an organization that provides books to people in underserved communities who may not otherwise have them. They supply youth centers, women’s shelters, and so much more.

Like our Facebook page where you can learn more about us and where we’ll announce our winners throughout the giveaway! You can also click the link below to be taken directly to the giveaway page.

Introducing our mixed bag of authors!

Michelle Lynn – Dystopian
Rebecca Jaycox – Fantasy
Michelle Bryan – Dystopian
Gina Azzi – Contemporary Romance
Melissa Craven – Paranormal
Kelly St. Clare – Fantasy
Susan Faw – Fantasy
G.K. DeRosa – Paranormal
T.D. Shields – Dystopian
Patrick Hodges – Contemporary
Amalie Jahn – Science Fiction
Claire Luana – Fantasy
K.J. McPike – Paranormal
Michael Bailey – Superhero
J.A. Culican – Fantasy
Elysabeth Eldering – Paranormal Mystery
Rita Goldner – Children’s
K.R. Conway – Paranormal
T.L. McDonald – Fantasy

Book Heist Giveaway Banner - Young Adult Author Rendezvous

YAAR is going to the TFOB!

On March 12-13, Young Adult Author Rendezvous will be present at the Tuscon Festival of Book in Tucson, Arizona. We are expecting gorgeous weather, and over 40 different authors’ books will be showcased!

The TFOB, for those who haven’t heard of it, is one of the five largest book festivals in the country, bringing in well over 120,000 people over a two-day period.

And good news… The YAAR booth is in a PRIMO location. Our booth # is 416.  Here is a link to the Festival Map:

(You may have to magnify the crap out of it to locate our booth, but rest assured, we are near the center of the action, in a corner booth.)

In addition, six authors will be making the journey personally, and will be available to sign their books!  Here are the scheduled signing times:




9 am – 12 noon – Linda Smock and Patrick Hodges
12 noon – 2 pm – Rita Goldner and Michael Anderson
2 pm – 4 pm – Barb Anderson and Sarah Wathen
9 am – 12 noon – Rita Goldner and Sarah Wathen
12 noon – 2 pm – Barb Anderson and Michael Anderson
2pm – 4 pm – Linda Smock and Patrick Hodges
In addition to our books, we will also have QR code sheets that make it easy for people to order our ebooks right from their phone! In addition, Ebooks will be given away as prizes for every purchase! We will have TONS of swag (bookmarks, postcards, and other cool stuff), as well as some other stuff for sale (tote bags and a few pieces of homemade jewelry). And candy. Lots of free candy.
So if you are in the neighborhood on March 12-13, please come by and say hi!
The festival runs on both days from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm.
See you there!



YAAR Official Online Launch Party

Written by
Sarah Wathen

This weekend, the members of YAAR enjoyed our first Facebook Launch Party! I say “first” because I think that everyone involved would agree the event was a smashing success and we need to have another one very soon—especially for our members and readers in the UK and Europe, who were largely unable to attend in the dead of the night in their time zones.


The success of our launch was due to careful planning, generosity in contributing to giveaways, plenty of hard work, and the commitment of so many great members who showed up and kept the party rolling for three hours. One of my favorite parts of the night were the conversation starters, like “Which leading man makes you drool?” Many people nominated leading men from YAAR books! When asked where everyone was hailing from that night, it was amazing to see all the different places around the world, all of us coming together for a party!

Screenshot 2015-11-08 18.27.02

Members who tweeted, invited followers and friends, and helped get the word out did an excellent job! Over 130 people were logged to attend—I have no idea how many actually did, but the whole night was a flurry of activity it was hard to keep up with. The games never stopped and prizes were given away constantly. Our prize stash was impressive! Bundles of ebooks in every genre, signed books, swag and Amazon gift cards.


In order to get the grand prize, there was so much liking and sharing, I think we made a pretty good splash that night!

Screenshot 2015-11-08 18.27.44

For everyone who was able to be a part of the launch, authors and readers—book lovers—thank you!


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