catherine aragonLooking for a fun (and educational!) way to make the most of your next family vacation or field trip? Look no further.

Say “adiós/ au revoir/ arrivederci/ goodbye” to hum-drum sightseeing. Instead, say “hola/ bonjour/ buongiorno/ hello” to memorable vacations, with your kids excited to explore the sights with you!

The Scavenger Hunt Adventure (TM) series ( takes your young travelers through the famous sights of cities, engaging them with exciting scavenger hunt activities as you discover city landmarks together.

Catherine’s favorite quote comes from S. Rao: “There’s no destination. The journey is all that there is, and it can be very, very joyful.” She believes these words ring true for travel and the joy of the journey – unless that journey happens to be a long plane ride with an energetic toddler (Atlanta to Singapore, 24+ hours, middle seats)!

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Scavenger Hunt Adventure Series (Travel Books For Kids):

Mission Amsterdam
Mission Barcelona
Mission London
Mission New York
Mission Paris
Mission Rome
Mission St. Augustine, FL
Mission Washington, D.C.