CornerCorner of Ocean and Bay
by Gina Azzi

Corner of Ocean and Bay is a mature Young Adult novel that highlights the friendship of Nessa and Jacie during the summer before their senior year of high school. Primarily focusing on teen topics such as underage drinking, family issues, and first loves, the novel explores how Nessa and Jacie navigate these challenges and the impact certain situations have on their friendship.


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First GameThe Last First Game (The Senior Semester Series Book 1)
by Gina Azzi

The Last First Game is the first novel in The Senior Semester Series. The New Adult novel explores the relationship between Lila, a pre-med student, and Cade, a football player during the first semester of their senior year of college. Highlighting many New Adult topics such as university life, handling family pressures, as well as dealing with grief, illness, and divorce, Cade and Lila’s relationship blossoms in the midst of uncertainty and insecurity.
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kiss me goodnight

Kiss Me Goodnight in Rome (The Senior Semester Series Book 2)
by Gina Azzi

Why did Mia Petrellla ever make such a drastic life change? Spending the fall semester of her senior year in Rome is a huge leap outside of her comfort zone and she’s a nervous wreck. But then something unexpected happens.

During her first hours in Rome, she meets Lorenzo Barca, a charming Italian waiter with deep blue eyes and a devilish wink.  From their first encounter, Lorenzo catches Mia off-guard with his piercing gaze and friendly banter. Maybe her adventure abroad will be more surprising, and less nerve-wracking, then she thought?

Lorenzo Barca is fed up and done wasting his time waiting tables at his family’s restaurant when he could be living his life. The life he should be living. The life he wants to be living. And it doesn’t include serving loud American tourists espresso. Until one of those American tourists turns out to be a sweetheart with chocolate eyes and a beautiful smile.  Soon, Mia Petrella has Lorenzo not only showing up for work, but looking forward to it.

Mia and Lorenzo build a friendship that blossoms into love, but they both hold back as Mia’s departure date and the transition to a long-distance relationship is inevitable. When Lorenzo makes a series of shocking discoveries regarding his family, his future, and Mia, their bond threatens to snap, shaking them both to the core.

Can Mia and Lorenzo trust each other enough to build the future they both desire?

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kiss me goodnight

All the While (The Senior Semester Series Book 3)
by Gina Azzi

Consumed with grief for her twin brother Adrian’s death, Maura Rodriguez is spinning out of control. To cope with Adrian’s loss, she numbs her pain with bottles of vodka and sex with random men.

Harboring guilt over his best friend Adrian’s death, Zack Huntington is yearning for a past that no longer exists. Reaching out to the familiarity and comfort an ex-girlfriend offers, Zack aims to recreate what once was but can never be again.

When their worlds collide while running on the trails along Boathouse Row, Maura and Zack find comfort in each other and in the memory of their shared connection—Adrian.

An unlikely friendship brimming with undeniable attraction blossoms into an unexpected romance. While Maura and Zack struggle to heal, to forgive, to accept, they also learn how to let go and allow themselves to fall in love, a truth they’ve both known but resisted all the while.

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among shroudedAmong the Shrouded (The Sevens Prophecy Book 1)
by Amalie Jahn

What if a group of psychic strangers came together to save the world?

Mia, Thomas, and Kate have paranormal abilities. And a common destiny. They just don’t know it yet.

Mia Rosetti is used to being different, especially since she can tell if people are good or evil just by looking at their auras. But when a mysterious (and handsome) stranger walks into her life without one, she starts questioning her power and begins a search to find the true purpose of her gift. What she doesn’t know is that aura-less Thomas harbors secrets of his own – an abusive past and the ability to avoid danger.

Halfway around the world, Kate uses a form of telepathy to provide for her sisters and is excited by the prospect of going to the United States to secure their financial independence. None are aware of the ancient prophecy foretelling the birth of seven psychics destine to change the world. Among the Shrouded follows Mia, Thomas and Kate, three unsuspecting strangers whose lives intertwine to reveal the significance of their gifts and the greater purpose of their collective lives.

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gather the sentient

Gather the Sentient(The Sevens Prophecy Book 2)
by Amalie Jahn

What if a group of psychic strangers came together to save the world?

There will come a day when seven psychic children of the light and seven psychic children of the dark will be born. From the moment of their birth, strong powers will be in place to bring the seven light together and the seven dark together to form two separate but equally powerful groups. The first seven to gather all in one place will seal the fate of the world – dark for hell, light for heaven. At that point the seven deadly sins will take over the world or cease to exist.

After Mia is rescued from the trafficking ring’s basement brothel, she and Thomas begin putting both their lives and the pieces of the Sevens Prophecy together, but quickly discover there may be little hope for the light psychics.

Little do they know that the powerful forces alluded to in the prophecy are already working to bring the light psychics together. Unfortunately, they’re bringing the dark psychics together as well.

As both sides of the prophecy gather, which group will ultimately decide the fate of the world?

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moss forest orchidMoss Forest Orchid (Silver and Orchids Book 1)
by Shari Tapscott

What happens when a feisty adventuress, a lord looking to make his own way in the world, and a handsome sea captain set out to find Kalae’s rarest and most valuable flower?

Trouble — and lots of it.

Lucia needs a job, and she needs one fast. Looting dragon caves hasn’t proven profitable lately, and she’s tired of waiting tables. Her business partner usually finds the work, but Sebastian isn’t speaking with her, and Lucia’s getting desperate.

Luckily, Lucia finds a simple request posted on a community board. All the man wants is an orchid. Nothing to it.

Except the flower only grows in a montane cloud forest in Grenalda… And Lucia must take a ship through sea serpent-infested waters to get there… And her new helpful friend—the one and only, dashing Captain Avery Greybrow—just might be a pirate.

At this rate, Lucia’s not sure if she’ll ever reach the orchid. But she’s determined to try.

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Catchpenny: Wicked Lover
by Sarah Wathen

Meg Shannon was rarely surprised. She wasn’t surprised, for example, whenever she came to school to find her locker vandalized again. Slut! Whore! Trash! She was an independent, self-confident, intelligent young woman, and she’d stopped caring about the labels people born on the “right” side of the tracks in Shirley County slapped on her. So when quarterback Tristan Jameson walked up to her at lunch and flat out asked her to Homecoming, she refused to be surprised then either. But she wasn’t stupid. Was it a joke? Was he looking for a guaranteed good time? Her phone number on a bathroom stall with just such a promise came to mind. But he seemed nervous, as if he truly cared what her answer would be. Maybe, just maybe…he actually liked her. But to believe that would be dangerous. Raise the stakes. Sure, Meg was brave but was she willing to risk everything? Her pride? Her identity? And why did she have such a hard time accepting that someone like him could want someone like her? Was it possible she had started to believe all those hateful labels? One way or another, Meg’s answer to Tristan’s proposal that sunny afternoon would change her life forever. And everything she thought she knew about herself, too.

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