by Patrick Hodges

Several great books to tell you about this month!




5/22 – The Legend of the White Peacock (Legends from Around the World Book 1) by Kristen Iten 

white peacockEnter the jungle with a young Indian girl, as she braves the night in search of a magical bird of legend. It will take all of her courage to break with tradition, and realize her secret wish.

Sometimes the best things in life are not free, but who will pay the price? Find out in this story of compassion and sacrifice.

If you are a fan of Disney style artistry, you will fall in love with the illustrations in this book! Inspired by traditional Indian art, the illustrations in “The Legend of the White Peacock” will take your breath away. This book is sure to be enjoyed by your intermediate reader, as well as the entire family!


Genre: Children/Geography & Cultures

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5/23 – War of the Networks (The Network Series Book 4) by Katie Cross

war of the networksNever Underestimate the Power of a Desperate Witch

With the Central Network entrenched in war and teetering on the brink of destruction, eighteen-year-old Bianca Monroe is determined to defeat Mabel’s powerful Almorran magic by finding the Book of Light.

During an attempt to save a burning orphanage, Bianca finds herself caught in a trap. Mabel kidnaps her, taking her to the hot sands of the Western Network where things are not as they seem. Mabel is more dangerous—and unhinged—than she’s ever been before.

War of the Networks is the fourth and final book in the thrilling fantasy collection The Network Series. It’s a gripping tale about compassion, forgiveness, and surviving against all odds.

Genre: YA/Fantasy

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5/31 – Magic in Clearview (Xavier #4) by E.M. Cooper

magic in clearviewAs the final battle draws closer, Xavier seeks the beekeeper of Clearview and guidance from the ledger. From Griswold College to every corner of Clanarde, the threat from demons and the Darklaw grows.

In the back of Xavier’s mind, Father Augustine’s final warning causes him to doubt and question all the angels he has ever encountered. At the same time Xavier’s closest friends face stunning revelations about their heritages, while another must come to terms with a devastating experience.


Genre: YA/Fantasy

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6/1 – The Last Nine Winters of Cade Finley: A Sirens of Falkeld Novella by Julie Tuovi

last nine wintersAidan Finley dreamed of marrying the girl with the red hair who stole his heart as a lad. He dreamed of a family and growing old together in a cottage atop Muireall’s wind-swept cliffs.

But Aidan didn’t know what swam beneath the island’s dark, fathomless waves.

He never realized what fragile things dreams can be.

After a storm ravishes the island one summer day, he finds a creature caught beneath a rock in a cave. His choice to save her will alter his world forever—for even dreams aren’t safe from the siren’s song.

Genre: YA/Fantasy

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6/24 – Woven Peril (The Aylosian Chronicles Book 2) by Jeffrey Collyer

woven perilThe Guardian’s forces may have left the forest, but they haven’t departed from Michael’s mind as he struggles to learn what his enemy will do next. Torn between feelings of guilt and love, he must now push ahead to find mythical halls deep in the earth, where secrets from the distant past are spoken of, and new riddles unearthed.

Entering dark paths, Michael must learn to use his growing power if he is to discover that which will save the land, at the same time as trying to protect those now under his care from new and deadly monsters sent to hunt him.

And all while he struggles to understand mysteries surrounding his mother.

Woven Peril is the thrilling second book in the Aylosian Chronicles, and continues the epic tale in a world of unusual magic and unique creatures. If you enjoy stories with a combination of action, tenderness and thoughtful wisdom, the Aylosian Chronicles is sure to be a series you’ll enjoy.

Genre: YA/Fantasy

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7/1 – Gather the Sentient (The Sevens Prophecy Book 2) by Amalie Jahn

gather the sentientWhat if a group of psychic strangers came together to save the world?

There will come a day when seven psychic children of the light and seven psychic children of the dark will be born. From the moment of their birth, strong powers will be in place to bring the seven light together and the seven dark together to form two separate but equally powerful groups. The first seven to gather all in one place will seal the fate of the world – dark for hell, light for heaven. At that point the seven deadly sins will take over the world or cease to exist.

After Mia is rescued from the trafficking ring’s basement brothel, she and Thomas begin putting both their lives and the pieces of the Sevens Prophecy together, but quickly discover there may be little hope for the light psychics.

Little do they know that the powerful forces alluded to in the prophecy are already working to bring the light psychics together. Unfortunately, they’re bringing the dark psychics together as well.

As both sides of the prophecy gather, which group will ultimately decide the fate of the world?

Genre: Mystery/Paranormal

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7/8 – Audette of Brookraven (The Eldentimber Series Book 4) by Shari L. Tapscott

audetteThe Final Chapter in The Eldentimber Series

When Audette pictured her wedding day, she never imagined leaving her intended at the alter. And though Irving, a prince with a reputation for trouble, never cared to picture the grand event (and had rather hoped he could somehow avoid it altogether), he certainly wouldn’t have imagined being abandoned.

But when Audette receives a cry for help from the mysterious, secret order she leads, the princess doesn’t think twice about jilting Irving. With her brother and closest friend at her side, and her loyal order of knights anxiously awaiting her arrival, Audette travels to the distant island kingdom of Ptarma, not once expecting Irving to follow her.

But that’s exactly what he does.

Now, trapped together until the ships sail again in spring, Audette must learn to get along with the infuriating prince if she’s to track down the darkness that’s wreaking havoc in the night. For in the shadows, the dark beast of legend looms, and only together will they have a chance of defeating it…

Genre: YA/Fantasy

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7/19 – Ignite (The Resistance Series Book 3) by Tracy Lawson

igniteThe Greatest Risk Is To Take No Risk At All

Nationwide food shortages have sparked civil unrest, and the Office of Civilian Safety and Defense’s hold on the people is slipping. The Resistance’s efforts to hasten the OCSD’s demise have resulted in disaster, with Tommy Bailey and Careen Catecher taking the blame for the ill-fated mission in Tommy’s home quadrant, OP-439.

Both teens struggle to survive the circumstances that force them into the national spotlight—and this time, they’re on opposite sides. On the run and exiled from his fellow Resistance members in remote BG-098, Tommy makes his way to a Resistance safe house in the capital. The OCSD is preparing to monitor all under-eighteens with the Cerberean Link, a device that protects them against hunger and sickness and can even locate them if they’re lost. Tommy’s now living in close quarters with Atari, an operative who has been assigned to sabotage the Link. But does Atari plan to use it for his own purposes?

Through it all, Tommy refuses to believe Careen’s loyalties have shifted away from the Resistance, and he’s willing to assume any risk to reconnect with her. Will they be able to trust each other when it matters most?

Genre: YA/Dystopian

Available for Pre-0rder on Amazon June 19


7/27 – Kiss Me Goodnight in Rome (The Senior Semester Series Book 2) by Gina Azzi

kiss me goodnightWhy did Mia Petrellla ever make such a drastic life change? Spending the fall semester of her senior year in Rome is a huge leap outside of her comfort zone and she’s a nervous wreck. But then something unexpected happens.

During her first hours in Rome, she meets Lorenzo Barca, a charming Italian waiter with deep blue eyes and a devilish wink.  From their first encounter, Lorenzo catches Mia off-guard with his piercing gaze and friendly banter. Maybe her adventure abroad will be more surprising, and less nerve-wracking, then she thought?

Lorenzo Barca is fed up and done wasting his time waiting tables at his family’s restaurant when he could be living his life. The life he should be living. The life he wants to be living. And it doesn’t include serving loud American tourists espresso. Until one of those American tourists turns out to be a sweetheart with chocolate eyes and a beautiful smile.  Soon, Mia Petrella has Lorenzo not only showing up for work, but looking forward to it.

Mia and Lorenzo build a friendship that blossoms into love, but they both hold back as Mia’s departure date and the transition to a long-distance relationship is inevitable. When Lorenzo makes a series of shocking discoveries regarding his family, his future, and Mia, their bond threatens to snap, shaking them both to the core.

Can Mia and Lorenzo trust each other enough to build the future they both desire?

Genre: New Adult/Contemporary Romance

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