Written by Lauren Mayhew

The soft sand beneath my feet trembles as I take each leisurely step forwards. Its pale glow hovers above the ground like a dense mist, hiding my toes in its mysteries. A withering sun makes it cold to the touch like a glistening icicle.

I look up. A grey blanket gazes down at me. It stretches across the sky as far as the eye can see. A watery sun, stung by the harshness of the winter months, peeps around the clouds, coyly watching my slow progress to the vast ocean ahead.

Grey. Reaching towards me, the almighty ocean tries with all its might to tow me into its murky depths. Crashing waves shower me with water – minute droplets enter my mouth leaving a salty taste. The water seeps through my clothes making me shiver. A shiver that intensifies with the flourishing wind.

My balance is knocked by a mighty gale. The wolf that it is, runs back with another strong blow: this time it howls. A howl that seems to thwart the monstrous movement of the ocean. A howl that fastens the eye of the sun. A howl that summons the rain…

Splash! Splash! Splash! The sky releases cascading droplets of water that bound off the rocks and settle on the sodden sand. Hammering rain, gambolling onto the ocean’s surface, deafens me, gradually increasing in volume as the ocean fights back.

Water giants tumble onto the shore, leaving trails of white foam behind them. Its salty scent burns my nose with every breath I take.

In. Out. In. Out. A repetitive motion that claws at the sand, dragging it deep under the surface and then transporting it to the beach once again.